brand introduction


 DreamBegan Here

In 1993, Geya people,with great enthusiasm for the watch industry, created their first watch and founded their own kingdom - Geya Watches Co., Ltd. And the dream began here.

  Since then, Geya has constantly introducedthe world’s advanced design concepts, watchmaking processes and equipment, to ensure that each of its watches is intricately designed and crafted to be a fine work on the wearer’s wrist. Over the years, Geya has been cherishing the most sincere gratitude and patience and sticking to the combination of sophisticated technology and infinite creativity, so as to bring fine watchesto its customers.

  To the Cradle of Watches

   Geya is a down-to-earth doer and leader. It explores and discoversnew technologies in different areas, applies them to the watches, and turns them into realities. In the 5th year of the 21st century,Geya people came to the cradle of Chinese watches – Shenzhen with great passion and ideas in order to let more people know about Geya. It has communicated with the young people in this city by sophisticated making process and stylish appearance design and has accompanied them through their study, work and even every important moment of life.

  Innovation First

   In order to better express the appeal of its main consumers and develop their loyalty,Geya people became proactive in shaping their own brand image. With regard to brand strategy, they chose celebrity endorsements, which were not common among watch brands at that time. In 2010, Geya joined hands with famous host Wang Han to build a new image and make a new interpretation of the brand – casual, stylish and classic. Famous host Wang Han has been widely favored as a steady, wise, humorous man, which fits in well with Geya’s brand definition.

  In 2012, Geya formally signed famous Hong Kong film and TV star Hawick Lau as its brand spokesperson, whose low-key and humble personality and passion and tenacity for the cause are highly consistent withGeya’s brand culture. Hawick Lau opened a new chapter of Geya’s brand culture with his elegant, gentle, intellectual qualities.

  Rise, “Made in China”

  After 20 years of unremitting efforts, Geya people have developed their innovative spirit besides persistent pursuit of perfection. Geya’s brand core values “useful, exquisite, comfortable” became popular amongurban intellectuals. Geya’s watchmakers pursue excellence and keep strict about each watch making procedure. In addition to selection of watch materials, diamonds and other accessories will be used and inlaid only after repeated sketch design and careful consideration. Geya ensures strict quality control of each production process.


  Thanks to Geya people’s pursuit of perfection,Geya have enjoyedunparalleled honors that other watch brands didn’t have. In 2012, SAIC recognized “Geya” as “China Well-known Brand”. It became another domestic watch brand that earned the honor of “China” brand. The certificationfully demonstrated Geya’s benchmark role in the watch industry. In 2013, Geya repositioned its brand and took on a new look after the terminal image upgrade. Geyawas listed as the “China Light-industry Top-10 Watch Enterprise” and awarded the honorary title of “Guangdong Famous National Brand”. Geya’s tenacity of perfection andinsistence on style has not only led the fashion trend in the watch industry, but also won the trust and favor of consumers. In 2013, Geya appeared respectively at Shenzhen and Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fairs with its variousnew products, and there Geya exhibited its elegant, intellectual brand charm, which laid a solid foundation for the following brand building and product development.

 Geya has endured great hardships in pioneer work, but there’s still a long way to go.More tireless efforts need to be paid for Geya to becomean international brand. This is the ideal of Geya people as well as thecommon aspiration of “Made in China” brands in the watch industry.