brand introduction

 Geya advances with the times and the aesthetics of the intelligentsia in China. Every Geya watch adheres to the mellow, delicate and clean design taste which goes with Chinese “outwardly gentle but inwardly stern” living philosophy, so that the mild, calm inner power can spread on the wearer’s wrist, and makes Geya a fashion icon of Chinese wisdom. Geya is a philosophical definition of “Stylish Life, Elegant Demeanor” through the history.

  Geya originated in 1993. In the past two decades, Geya has been introducing the world’s cutting-edge design concepts, watch making processes and equipment. Each watch is meticulously designed and crafted to be a fine work on the wearer’s wrist. Geya has been writing its chapters of history with delicacy and shaping its unique brand connotation with time. After 20 years of accumulation, Geya now becomes a diversified watch company that integrates watch research & development, design, manufacture and sales, enjoying good fame at home and abroad.

  During the 20 years of development, Geya has established three categories of products: the Classic, the Fashion and the Dynamic, and created Chinese-style series of watches such as “Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum”, “Mask Life” and “Blue and White Porcelain”. Currently, it not only has sound sales networks throughout China but also exports its products to 30 countries and regions including Denmark, Netherlands, France, the United States, Switzerland and Japan.

  The past 20 years have witnessed Geya’s continuous growth and development. In 2006, it won the China “Top-10 Watch Brand”, the “Top-10 Fashion Watch Brand” and the “Best New Fashion Brand”. In 2008, Geya won the title of “Guangdong Famous National Brand”. In 2010, it was awarded the title of “Caring Enterprise” by the Red Cross. In 2012, it won the title of “China Well-known Trademark”. In 2013, it was listed as “China Light-industry Top-10 Watch Enterprise” and awarded the title of “Guangdong Famous National Brand”. In 2014, Geya won the honorable title of “Shenzhen Top Brand” and was formally certificated as “China National High-Tech Enterprise”.

  In this fast-paced era, Geya advanced with the times and adapted to the modern “semi-formal” fashion trend by ingeniously designing a “semi-formal watches” product category and joining hands with its brand ambassador Hawick Lau to interpret Geya’s “elegance and wisdom inside” brand story. Meanwhile, Geya takes the intelligentsia with high income and better education as the core target population and provides them with useful, exquisite, comfortable watches to reflect its “intellectual, elegant, gentle” brand personality.